Posted 2017-10-11


Choosing the right product & company


In part one of this article, we presented important arguments for why it is worth it for organisations to make the investment of adopting field service management software. Companies need to find a quality solution that suits their needs and specific requirements, and not every product is a good fit for every company.

Today, in part 2, we are offering valuable practical advice regarding what to look for when choosing a product and company.

Data, Data, Data!

Data management must be put on top of the list. The importance of GDPR compliance cannot be stressed enough. Companies are waking up to the reality of the upcoming data regulation, as there are only 6 months until the GDPR is implemented.

You need to ensure your supplier has the understanding, knowledge and track record to be prepared for the upcoming changes in data management. You wouldn’t risk using a supplier who hosts data in the States, it is important that your supplier does not host data outside the EU.

GDPR compliance from a supplier is crucial. To put the issue into perspective, a data breach can instantly kill the credibility of your organisation because of an unprofessional, unprepared supplier.

Quality Local Support

Field workers don’t only work office hours, Monday to Friday. Therefore, support should also be available at any time. Choosing a company that offers the option of 24/7 support matters if you want to ensure smooth operations.

Also, a good support team will understand customers’ requirements and engage with them to offer the best possible service. Ultimately, providers of field service management solutions should have a long lasting, engaging relationship with their customers, not just offer the software and consider the job done.


Many companies offer excellent off-the-shelf solutions. However, if the solution offered doesn’t meet your precise requirements, it is important to choose a flexible supplier who is happy to offer bespoke solutions, by tweaking existing products or developing new products.

In field service, there is a trend towards a multi-functional workforce, and you don’t want a supplier who offers limited features. Every business is unique, and a mature, professional supplier will understand this and cater to your specific needs, exceeding your expectations.


As mentioned in part 1, many incumbent suppliers can be rigid with restrictions, negatively impacting integration. In contrast, other suppliers integrate with third party apps, which is an important extra benefit for some organisations. If you have already invested resources in a product that works well, it is important for new products from different companies to integrate with the existing one, as an integrated application strategy offers clear benefits.

The ‘Extra’

It is important for a company to offer their customers a little ‘extra’, for the value that can be derived from complementary products. For example, in addition to the workforce management apps, Mobile Worker Plus also offers Self-Service Portals and Data Insights to customers.

Both these additional product streams help improve efficiency, KPIs, and ultimately reduce costs, which our customers really appreciate. Data Insights in particular complements the workforce apps perfectly, offering organisations trends and patterns from the data collected from the apps. This data is crucial in making informed business decisions.


Overall, all these aspects are signs of a mature company, which is not only an app provider, but a platform provider. There is such a significant difference between the two types of suppliers. The former offers customers apps that serve specific purposes (reporting, task allocation, lone worker protection etc.). While the latter also offers these, the focus is also on the bigger picture. The apps work as puzzle pieces what form a powerful, seamlessly integrated whole, also offering the complementary products to really create a strong positive impact on their customers’ business.


With Mobile Worker Plus, you get all the above-mentioned benefits.

Mobile Worker Plus is an expert in field service management solutions. We deliver a next generation software platform with off-the-shelf and customisable apps plus a number of complementary products and services that are geared to help our customers increase efficiency, embrace technology, reduce costs and remain competitive in a rapidly changing world.

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