Posted 2017-09-19

Part 1

pounds money 


Is Field Service Management Software (FSMS) worth it? If so, who to choose? In this 2-part article, Mobile Worker Plus explains why (spoiler alert!) FSMS is indeed worth the time and resources and how to choose an adequate solution for your business.

When considering adopting FSMS, one of the first questions that organisations ask is ‘How much does it cost?’. However, this is just one of the reasons why companies may be reluctant to proceed.



Naturally, companies try to reduce costs and increase revenues, and the concern regarding FSMS cost is an important one. Companies can be reluctant to upgrade from their existing systems, thinking that such solutions, although helpful, are not vital in order to operate. Thus they sometimes consider change an unnecessary cost and prefer to stick with the status quo.

It is important to remember that FSMS is designed to increase efficiency and performance. Over time, a quality solution not only pays for itself, but in reality should save companies a significant sum of money, by improving communication, and enabling mobile workforces to be more productive and efficient. Time is money. Companies that see FSMS as unimportant for the daily operations miss this opportunity of saving money and becoming more profitable.

Reluctance to change:

Companies are often resistant to change, as change is at times difficult to manage and can take effort. However, these organisations risk falling behind at the hands of other organisations that do embrace technology more and keep business practices fresh by innovating. Being rigid in the future marketplace and not adopting change is a big risk for any business and could ultimately kill future competitiveness.

Existing software:

Another issue is when companies have already invested in certain technology they use regularly and do not want the resources spent to go to waste, by spending more money and time on a replacement. Also, incumbent suppliers may often place restrictions that can make change even more difficult.

This concern is understandable, and FSMS companies should take this into account. For example, at Mobile Worker Plus, we integrate our already diverse solutions with any third-party ones that our clients use thus resulting in incredible flexibility and seamless transition planning opportunities.

Data migration and management:

Whether a paper-based process, simple spreadsheet or database containing FSMS activity information, data migration and management is another critical issue requiring consideration.

Many companies using free software for messaging, reporting incidents etc. do not know how their data is processed and used and maybe unaware for example that it can be shared with 3rd parties. In the UK (and EU), the upcoming GDPR will be implemented from May 2018, and reliable, professional organisations need to take these regulations into account when implementing FSMS.


That is not to say that any field service management software is worth the cost for every company. Organisations need to find a quality solution that suits their needs and specific requirements. In Part 2 of this article, we will offer a summary of some important considerations when choosing a company for field service management software.


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