Posted 2017-08-30

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The main reason companies generally use field service management software (FSMS) is for automating business processes and enabling a more efficient and productive mobile workforce, which saves considerable sums of money. But what effect does FSMS have on employees’ work satisfaction?

Employees are companies’ greatest assets, and having workers that are satisfied with their job is important for any organisation. Happy employees are generally more efficient as they want to do their best at work. They stay more with an organisation, which is beneficial for companies long term.


Adopting quality field service management software increases employee satisfaction.

For field workers, FSMS makes communication easier, removing the need for paper-based reports, paper tickets issuance, job sheets etc. When all these processes can be easily done on a smartphone from anywhere, workers waste less time on unenjoyable, time-consuming activities, and have more time to complete their main work.

Visibility is also an important aspect that mobile workforce software improves. People who work remotely can often be overlooked for promotions, as managers do not have the adequate tools to evaluate their performance. With FSMS, field workers can more easily report on how and when they have completed their tasks, which gives them visibility and proof of performance. This in turn contributes to fair wages and promotions considerations.

FSMS also increases the safety of field workers, through lone worker protection apps. In case of risk or issues, the employee can easily raise an alert, notifying the relevant people of the issue. With MWP’s Mobile Protect, workers can raise alerts in app, through a dedicated SOS button, or by simply dropping their phone (man-down feature). Managers get notified, and an automated phone call is triggered, so that managers can listen in real time. Having a lone worker protection solution demonstrates to employees that companies care about their safety.

Another benefit that FSMS can offer employees is the simplification of certain admin and human resources activities, such as timesheets, appraisals, or expenses. Mobile Worker Plus offers these options to field workers through a mobile app, Mobile HR, where employees can easily complete these activities remotely.

Overall, field service management technology enables employees to have a smoother, more efficient, safer day, which increases their job satisfaction. Innovative workforce technology gives workers reassurance regarding the direction and aims of their organisation. This in turn improves employee retention, saving the organisation the money, time and other resources of replacing a valuable worker. Win-win!


Mobile Worker Plus is an expert in field service management solutions. We deliver a next generation software platform with off-the-shelf and customisable apps plus a number of complementary products and services that are geared to help our customers increase efficiency, embrace technology, reduce costs and remain competitive in a rapidly changing world.

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