Posted 2015-06-30

Times have changed!

I look back with amusement and I remember the first mobile phone my mother has purchased over 20 years ago. It was a huge, heavy…brick. A couples of years later I was so excited to play Snake on my dad’s Nokia and listen to all the polyphonic sounds on his phone.

It is indeed incredible how times have changed since the first mobile phone call was made in 1985. Companies are now competing on who is manufacturing the ‘’best phone’’: small enough to fit in your skinny jeans pocket, incredible design, long life battery and not to mentioned the biggest shift towards multi-functionality.

People can survive one day without their wallet, but they will definitely struggle one day without their phone.  Our mobile phones have become a necessity today and it is not a trend anymore for your business to go mobile, it is a MUST in order to survive this strong competition on the market.

Companies understanding how to tactically use mobile solutions to their maximum advantage can benefit from a more profitable bottom line by driving efficiencies and improve productivity. With mobile workforce becoming even more complex, more organizations are starting to focus on adopting mobile solutions in order to better manage their field processes and to be able to deliver real-time information needed by their assets while out in the field.


Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have not only enabled employees to do their job from anywhere, but with these tools they can work in a more collaboratively way towards a common goal. Moreover, mobile apps offer full visibility of field processes, where you can monitor the status, location and performance of your staff. With access at real time knowledge you can make better and more intelligent decision, resting assured that your employees are equipped with everything they need to do their job correctly.

Mobile apps have changed the way businesses interact with their employees, creating a more compelling and satisfying experience for users as well as paving way to a win-win scenario.


Mobile apps have become  a building block for every business and the rewards of adopting a mobile strategy are enormous!