Permit Portals & Permit Administration

Our modular, mature and fully featured Permit Portals ensure you have a world-class digital permit solution that put’s the emphasis on Permit Users taking responsibility for their applications leaving Permit Administrators to efficiently control the process and resources that go with it.

Processing thousands of permit applications per month throughout the UK, our permit portals are agile and flexible enough to integrate with 3rd party systems, make configuration changes on the fly and handle any type of permit and workflow (including Staff, Taxi, Blue Badge, Visitor and Residential).

Many organisations still use paper, spreadsheets and/or custom built bespoke software for allocating and managing permits. These solutions are not ideal as they are generally slow (not real-time), time-consuming to operate, inefficient and prone to human error.  Furthermore, as well as being rigid by design and expensive to change, major compliance issues arise which in a post-GDPR world is incredibly important to both the operator and end client alike.

Built on a mature and robust software framework, with systems fully hosted in the cloud (ISO/IEC 27001 compliant), our Permit Portals deliver flexible, compliant and robust digital permit management solutions giving our clients total confidence and peace of mind. As a product it is continually evolving with our clients able to benefit from new roadmap features as they become available.  Furthermore an array of branding, integration and customisation options exist to ensure that requirements can be met today and in the future.

The diagram below summarises key interfaces it can be configured to work with:



Key Integration Options


For payments we have integrated to a number of industry leading Payment Service Providers and have the experience and flexibility to offer numerous types of payment options based upon our clients needs (with payment options typically dependant on the permit type and location the permit is valid for).  Common examples include:

  • Payment on application.
  • Payment on administrator approval.
  • Recurring payments on subscription.
  • Credits.
  • Pay-as-you-go.
  • Salary deduction based on salary bands.

Full auditing, automatic refunding, receipt and invoice generation and management reporting options are also available.

ANPR and Apps

For control systems, interested in checking whether a permit is valid or not, we have integrated to a number of industry leading solutions, including but not limited to fixed and mobile ANPR for permits that have vehicle registrations to enforcement applications on smartphones and tablets for manual checking and ticket issuance.  Industry standard web based API’s are available to our clients along with test system sandbox environments for any custom integration work.

Full auditing, logging and management reporting options are also available.

Key Product Features

  • Simple, accessible and mobile friendly user interfaces.  Web and mobile application.
displays the user side of the permit portal dashboard

Permit Portals User Dashboards (Desktop and Mobile)

displays the permit portal dashboard layout

Permit Portals Administrator Dashboard

  • Branding and theme customisation.   This can also include custom integration to your own DNS and SMTP (so accessing the permit portal and emails generated from the permit portal come from you).
  • Auto registration, self-registration or request via your admin team options.  This can be particularly important for addressing accessibility concerns and/or if you have a very large number of permit users you wish to control.
  • Customisable fields and document uploads.  Examples of document uploads on application may include scans of blue badges, scans of hackney carriage licenses or evidence of residency or ownership.
  • Multiple approval models (auto-approve, administrator approve/reject, line manager first level approval etc.).  Intelligent workflow can be configured to ensure different models are applied for different rules (permit types and/or locations etc.).
  • Multiple permit types and control (number per location, tariffs etc.).  Configuration can be set to limit the amount of permits available based on rules.
  • Advanced eligibility criteria and scoring (distance to work, vehicle type etc.).  Complex criteria can be set-up to aid the application approval process.  This may include scoring answers captured during the application process and/or rules set-up that are specific to the permit type or location being applied for.
  • Multiple integration options (authentication, payment service provider, enforcement etc.).   Federated login options are supported along with ADFS.  Web based APIs and sandbox environments available for custom integration and a number of integrations completed with various ANPR and Enforcement App providers.
  • Multiple payment types and models.   Included but not limited to credits, pay on application, pay on approval, pay-as-you-go and salary deduction etc.  We have integrated with several industry leading Payment Service Providers and can manage full and partial refunds.
  • Location and bay management.  Controlling aspects such as space availability, permit types, payment methods amongst other things.
  • Tariff management.  The ability to create complex tariffs on permits associated to locations or bays taking into consideration aspects such as time, date and usage.
  • Waiting lists.  This can be enabled to manage locations or bays whereby if no availability exists users have the option to join a list and be notified in the future if something becomes available.  Flexible administrative options to manage lists.
  • Printing.  The ability to create templates so individual or bulk permits may be locally printed.  Typically this is on pre-printed permit paper whereby the Permit User is either sent or collects the physical permit.
  • Flexible reporting.  Through the use of management dashboards and various data exporting tools.  Integration to external systems also supported.

We deliver staff, taxi, blue badge, visitor and residential permit portals for Parking Operators, Universities, Hospitals, Rail Operators and Local Authorities.  Whatever your permit management requirement is we are confident our product can support it.

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