End-to-End Enforcement

Our modular, mature and fully featured suite of end-to-end enforcement products ensures you have the best and most open and real-time enforcement technology available today.

Processing over 2.2 million notices on an annual basis, across 150 parking operators throughout Europe, our end-to-end enforcement suite of products is agile and flexible enough to integrate with 3rd parties, make configuration changes on the fly and handle any type of notice issuance (including on-street and off-street Parking Charge Notices (PCNs)).

Many organisations use old technology for managing their enforcement operation. These solutions are not ideal as they are generally slow (not real-time), time-consuming to operate, closed systems (unable to integrate with 3rd parties) and have a very poor user experience.  Furthermore, as well as being rigid by design and expensive to change, major compliance issues arise which in a post-GDPR world is incredibly important to both the operator and end client alike.

Built on a mature and robust software framework, with systems fully hosted in the cloud (ISO/IEC 27001 compliant), our end-to-end enforcement suite of products deliver flexible, compliant and robust enforcement solutions giving our clients total confidence and peace of mind. As a product set it is continually evolving with our clients able to benefit from new roadmap features as they become available.  Furthermore deployment, integration and customisation options exist to ensure that requirements can be met today and in the future whilst importantly also giving clients who currently use a legacy enforcement solution a way to seamlessly migrate to a more future ready and fit for purpose system.

The diagram below summarises key interfaces it can be configured to work with:

Key Components

Handheld Enforcement App 

The Handheld Enforcement App runs on any Android device (4.0 or higher) and enables patrollers to patrol spaces, issue notices and warnings with a very simple to use and intuitive user interface. The built in mobile ANPR capability allows patrollers to rapidly scan vehicles registrations in car parks checking for valid permits in real-time (including integration with all the standard cashless payment parking Apps).

Key features include:

  • ANPR software trained on national registration plates.
  • Continuous scan mode on valid parking.
  • Automatic permit look up across multiple permit end points configurable per site.
  • Issuance of tickets and warnings with configurable guided workflow.
  • Observation alerts and logic.
  • Add additional evidence post ticket issuance.
  • Offline mode and does not rely on continual network connectivity.
  • Multiple mobile printer vendor support.
  • Multiple device support.

Back Office End-to-End Enforcement

The Back Office supports the entire life-cycle of a notice with a workflow engine that automates everything from retrieval of owner information and payment reminders to collection services. Appeals are also managed via the Back Office.

  • The PCN Workflow Engine receives data from handhelds and ANPR cameras. The workflow engine is configured with a notice lifecycle based on customer requirements. The Back Office can automatically notify motorists, import payments, retrieve owner information, create payment reminders, interface with debt recovery and much more. Manual intervention is only required if an appeal is made or owner information cannot be automatically retrieved.
  • Appeals Management allows customer service to respond to both questions and appeals efficiently via the Back Office web interface. Creating document templates, standard responses, editing documents, attaching images (and other data), communicating with motorists are all done via the single Back Office web interface.

Back Office Screenshot Example

Key Back Office capabilities include:

  • Case management.
  • Real-time notice issuance updates, visualisation and control.
  • Location, site and contravention management.
  • Customisable and configurable notice workflow.
  • Customisable print templates with image and barcode support.
  • Appeals management.
  • Automatic decision processing for notice issuance.
  • Automatic decision processing for 1st line appeals.
  • Multi-level appeals processing and management.
  • Letter templates and custom template editing.
  • Online payment.
  • Payment tracking and bank integration.
  • Payment reminders.
  • Owner information lookup.
  • Debt recovery interface.
  • Flexible reporting and dashboards.
  • Case file (court pack) generation and automation.
  • Advanced customer interactions (email, web chat, voice, intercom) with dashboards.

Fixed ANPR

The enforcement solution integrates with best-of-breed ANPR cameras to monitor vehicle entry and exit. Multiple ANPR configurations are supported in order to ensure each location is fully covered.  The ANPR Back Office component checks vehicles for valid permits. If a permit cannot be found, a PCN is issued to the vehicle owner.  Advanced features include:

  • Improve read and capture rates with automatic fuzzy logic checking.
  • Integration with multiple vendor Pay & Display machines, barriers, permit and mobile payment solutions.
  • Multiple ANPR camera and configuration support.

Mobile ANPR 

This is a vehicle mounted ANPR solution that is tightly integrated with both the Handheld App and the Back Office.  Installation kits are available for mounting the technology on vehicles (including cards, scooters and electric bikes).  Mobile ANPR can be a greener way to enforce whilst also removing the requirement for fixed infrastructure installation which is often costly to install and maintain.

Mobile ANPR Screenshot and Mounting Example

Customer Web

The Customer Web is a transparent way of communicating with motorists and car-owners, letting them see images and other information, pay their notice, track progress or appeal online.  Other advanced features include:

  • QR code support from tickets.
  • Case tracking.
  • Custom branding.
  • Notifications.

From issuance (handheld and/or ANPR), payment, notice to owners, appeals management and debt recovery, our industry leading and market proven end-to-end enforcement suite of products can work for you. Supporting multiple notice types, with flexible configuration and integration options, it can be tailored to meet your requirements.

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