Our leading End-to-End Enforcement solution includes the following:

Enforcement App (for Android devices) – With its user-friendly interface it enables field workers to register data in a quick and efficient manner. The Enforcement App is feature rich and supports digitising many other work processes than just enforcement such a time registration, shift reports, messages and much more.

Full back office suite (including Customer Web, Workflow Engine and Appeals Management Module). The back-office suite has several modules that supports the entire life-cycle of a parking ticket, but the heart of the process is a strong workflow engine that automates everything from retrieval of owner information and payment reminders to exporting to collection services.

Customer Web – The Customer Web is a new and transparent way of communicating with motorists and car-owners, letting them see images and other evidence, pay their ticket or appeal online.

Workflow Engine – The Workflow Engine is the core system that receives ticket data from the field. The workflow engine is configured based on customer needs, whether  just forwarding ticket data to a 3rd party system, or set up as a stand-alone system with the entire workflow. In the latter case, the system will automatically import payments, retrieve owner information, create payment reminders and much more.

Appeals Management Module -The Appeals Management module in the Workflow Engine helps customer service to respond to both questions and real appeals in a quick and efficient manner.