Posted 2015-04-30


Let’s face it, how many kinds of paper are still relevant for our society nowadays? Let me guess: cash (although, with all the electronic transaction options available on the market, it seems that the need for paper currency is rapidly fading) and ‘’bathroom tissue’’?

Over the past years most organizations have moved towards paperless processes: paperless contracts, paperless billing, paperless correspondence and so on.  Going mobile is a win-win and thinking outside the box process; in other words it’s just a fresh new and efficient way of smart working.

Relying on paper involves real costs. Thousands of hundreds of paper are stored in the cabinets in your office at the moment, right? And most of them will be soon thrown into the trash. These files cost a lot of money to process and maintain each year, but even worse is that UK businesses waste the equivalent of over £45 million a day looking for documents. That is indeed a lot of wasted time and money!

I think it’s time to start working smarter, don’t you? We live in a world where technology allows you to do more than you can even think of: you can use mobile apps to control your lights, to check your plant’s needs and now you can even buy cars that drive themselves.

With all this in mind, there are certainly better ways to manage workforce and information than using thousands of sheets of paper that cost you a fortune. Go Mobile!



There are numerous benefits you can achieve by going mobile, and they extend far beyond the desire to save a few trees and operate an environmentally friendly business. Let me name a few:


This is actually one of the most major advantage of moving to paperless processes. Although you lock your file cabinets, it is still vulnerable to being broken into. A mobile solution allows you set individual and even role-based security at any folder level. Exposing sensitive information to the ”wrong person” could end up in a massive expensive mistake. Mobile solutions give you the ability to provide different people different access to files based on any types of requirements, for instance, their roles within the company. Moreover, you can back up all your crucial information so you don’t have to worry in case someone lost or spilled coffee on your file.

Cost savings

Have you ever wondered have many times per day your employees have to search through a multitude of folders trying to find a precise document and how much it actually takes to do that? Automated processes allows your employees to be more productive by enabling them to find and manage files in minutes and let you focus on projects that are critical to the growth of your company.

On top of this, all these paper cabinets require a lot of space to be stored in which, of course, involves costs. Digital Office Solutions is an example of how they ‘’converted their physical storage space into revenue-producing space’’ by going mobile.

Accessibility and remote working

In this evolving business world, the traditional way of working in an office from 9 to 5 is not the trend anymore as remote working is becoming far more common and much more acceptable. Working from the local Starbucks while enjoying your coffee sounds good, but wait a second. All your files and documents you need are stored in your office cabinet, miles away. No need to worry when you run a paperless business. You can now have all the information you need at your fingertips. Whether you go to a conference or just even working from home in the afternoon, all your documents come with you.


Mobile Worker Plus is here to help!

Organizations implementing a mobile strategy are ultimately more scalable, productive and efficient. Going mobile it’s not a novel idea anymore and once you have carefully implemented the right mobile strategy within your business, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Our team has years of experience in helping our customer succeed in embracing a mobile strategy. It is an exciting transformation and for some companies it’s only just begun. Whether you are at the early stages of working on a mobile strategy, or you are looking to improve your already existing plans, we will work closely with you to develop the right mobile applications that would suits your needs!