Posted 2015-07-30


The ‘youth of today’ do not know a world where information is not at their fingerprints. Well, and not only the youth of today, but also businesses, especially field services companies. Beyond the obvious benefits of streamlining processes, early technology adopters increased their annual revenues by 15% faster, based on a study, where 4000 small-to-medium enterprises have been surveyed (Boston Consulting Group).

No matter if you have only a few field workers or hundreds of them, having an easy to use mobile solution can dramatically increase performance and add value to your business.

People do not want to be writing things up on paper anymore as it time consuming and error-prone. Mobile technology eliminates those inefficiencies allowing everyone in the process to achieve better results. Mobile workers want a simple solution that helps them do their job easily and allows them to have information at their fingertips whereas business owners want to see their company moving forward, with less costs involved, ahead of their competitors, while keeping customers happy. It all sounds so good to be true, right? Well, let me tell you something: Mobile applications tailored to your exact requirements can help you achieve this goal!

A research from Service Council shows that 50% of enterprises use mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as a primary work device and are finding broader uses for them rather than just making calls and sending text messages. Moreover, approximately 60% of field service companies are planning their mobile strategies around mobile app based solutions.

Mobile applications increase business productivity, increase visibility and improve communication, boost sales and ensure customer loyalty. With so many benefits, why do you wait and not embrace technology faster? I had a couple of conversations with our customers and they all agreed that investing in mobile technology has paid off! And more importantly, doing so at an early stage, will keep you ahead of your competitors!


Are you ready to invest in it?


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