Posted 2018-07-25


With technology moving at a fast pace, numerous organisations face difficulties when it comes to digitising operational activities. However, resistance to change can often lead to loss of competitive advantage and falling behind companies who do choose to innovate.

In the parking sector, many organisations still use paper-based or spreadsheet systems for allocating and managing parking permits. These solutions are not ideal, as they are generally time-consuming, inefficient and prone to human errors, such as issuing more permits than the space allows for etc.  Furthermore there are also compliance issues which in a post-GDPR world is incredibly important to both the parking operator and end client alike.

Having appropriate digital parking solutions brings significant benefits over manual systems. Organisations with large volumes of permit holders as well as organisations where parking permits change regularly can especially benefit from a digital solution, making it easier to keep track of permits, minimising human error and providing operational efficiencies.

For managing parking permits, web-based permit portals are among the most efficient solutions.  Permit Portals from Mobile Worker Plus offer permit holders the ability to request and manage their permits. Administrators can then provision different types of permits, locations, pricing rules and coordinators can easily accept/reject permits and fully administer and run detailed reports. Additionally, the open architecture of the permit portals makes them easy to integrate with the customers’ existing systems e.g. ANPR, Enforcement systems etc.

The benefits of a high-quality digital permit portal are numerous and provide strong return on investment:


  • Improving operational efficiency: Permit portals automate processes and are therefore an effective tool for increasing business performance. Moreover, the right solution is customised for each organisation based on specific requirements, and flexible enough to easily extend and enable new services for optimising operations.
  • Less administration time: By shifting more control to permit holders for managing their own permits online, administration time is significantly reduced. In addition, the permit portals automate many of the administrators’ tasks, further reducing the time required for the administration of permits.  
  • Reduction of errors: As processes become more automated, human errors are reduced. Additionally, the right permit portal is also intuitive and user-friendly which significantly reduces the risk of the errors when using manual paper-based systems.
  • Regulatory compliance: Having a GDPR-ready solution gives all stakeholders the peace of mind that data is being managed responsibly and in-line with the current best practices, rules and regulations.  Implementing new technology that cannot demonstrate compliance can be a major risk to organisations.
  • Reduction of long-term costs: Over time, organisations who use a high-quality digital permit portal solution report a significant reduction in operational costs, from the cumulative positive impact of the above-mentioned benefits.


Mobile Worker Plus delivers next generation Permit Portals, as well as several complementary products and services, geared to help our customers increase operational efficiency, embrace technology, reduce costs and remain competitive in a rapidly changing world. Contact us to find out how our permit portals can help your organisation.