Successful day at Lone Worker Safety! As we have mentioned in our most recent news articles, on the 25th we have attended the Lone Worker Safety exhibition in London. It was a successful day, where people from various industries gathered together to share a key objective, which is to protect employees who work alone, from… Read more »

According to the research, 29% of the workforce are characterized as ‘’anytime, anywhere information workers‘’, where a significant number of them has adopted the BYOD (bring your own device) strategy. The number has increased from 23% in 2011, and it is still growing as it is expected that 905 million tablets will be used by… Read more »

As we all know, organizations seek techniques to improve their productivity and increase efficiency while reducing costs. For this reason technology as well as mobility solutions have become more important as they help businesses to achieve these objectives by removing paperwork, increasing control and visibility of business processes. According to research there will be 2.5… Read more »

  It is not a surprise that mobile workforce management has received significant attention over the past several years. This factor influences us directly or indirectly and perhaps you, or even someone you know, is a mobile worker. Recent studies found that 74% of organisations believe mobile workforce management is a crucial factor, where 41%… Read more »

  What is a lone worker and what does legislation require you to do in order to protect your lone workers? A lone worker is defined in different ways, however according to HSE (Health and Safety Executive), lone workers are those employees working by themselves in isolation and with no direct contact or supervision from… Read more »

A few more months left and it is almost the end of another year that has delivered a variety of new technologies for a more efficient future. The field service sector is developing rapidly with advanced improvements in technology that are changing the way industry operates- of course, for the better! Here is an overview… Read more »

The Mobile Worker Plus team will be attending the ParkEx 2014 event at National Hall, London Olympia on Tuesday 10th June. Senior figures from our Commercial and Development team will be covering the event throughout the day. There are many interesting exhibitors this year and we’re looking forward to engaging with as many of them… Read more »

Our new website was launched on 6th June 2014 with major enhancements to our sector specific product range, information and downloadable content. We’ve spent countless hours with our web design team to ensure it’s easy to navigate, informative and visually stimulating. We will continue to enhance the site with social media interaction and interesting news… Read more »