Let’s face it, how many kinds of paper are still relevant for our society nowadays? Let me guess: cash (although, with all the electronic transaction options available on the market, it seems that the need for paper currency is rapidly fading) and ‘’bathroom tissue’’? Over the past years most organizations have moved towards paperless… Read more »

  It is said that nothing works in isolation. However, I am not sure everyone agrees. According to the Office of National Statistics, there are over six million people in the UK categorised as lone workers, and they are expected to operate alone every day, in high risk environments, unsociable hours and hazardous conditions. Despite… Read more »

All the organizations involved in lone working, regardless of their income, size or nature of their business, have to find ways to manage and deal with the risk of violence their field workers are exposed to.   According to a recent market research, Berg Insight argues that the number of users of lone worker protection… Read more »

  Now it’s that time of the year where we gather together, our families and friends, to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve. It’s a time of joy and giving, a time of love and cheer. We look behind and analyze our progress, our success and mistakes, we make new plans and promises for the… Read more »

Successful day at Lone Worker Safety! As we have mentioned in our most recent news articles, on the 25th we have attended the Lone Worker Safety exhibition in London. It was a successful day, where people from various industries gathered together to share a key objective, which is to protect employees who work alone, from… Read more »

According to the research, 29% of the workforce are characterized as ‘’anytime, anywhere information workers‘’, where a significant number of them has adopted the BYOD (bring your own device) strategy. The number has increased from 23% in 2011, and it is still growing as it is expected that 905 million tablets will be used by… Read more »