Posted 2017-02-03

Paul Marjoram, Director and Founder of Mobile Worker Plus (MWP), is a part of the British Parking Association’s (BPA) Steering Group, Parking 20:20. He is representing MWP, working with the BPA towards promoting innovation in the parking industry.

In 2016, research was commissioned by the BPA to identify the main areas where efforts must be directed in order for the industry to meet the demands of future. The subsequent report also named Parking 20:20, highlights seven main areas:

  •  Data and Apps
  • Payment
  • Integration
  • Real-Time Data
  • Shared Mobility and Car Clubs
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Autonomous Vehicles.

Following the report, the BPA Steering Group was created, consisting of regular focus groups for each of the seven key areas. Paul is involved in ‘Data and Apps’, attending frequent group meetings that aim to establish new ways to improve industry practices whilst also informing and sharing information with members of the group.

Paul mentions ‘MWP is committed to adding value to the parking industry which is one of the largest sectors we operate in. The best way we do this is by providing excellent products to our customers, as well as contributing in the BPA Parking 20:20 Steering Group. Being a part of the Steering Group not only helps bring innovation to parking, but also enables us to stay up-to-date with trends and technological advancements. This in turn helps us develop and deliver high quality, relevant products to market whilst also sharing our findings and experiences with some of the most respected parking professionals in the world.  We are very proud to be part of the group and look forward to our continued involvement throughout 2017.’


Mobile Worker Plus is a software company specializing in Business to Employee (B2E) solutions focused on field worker safety, productivity and real-time reporting. Multiple MWP solutions are used in the parking industry, including our self-service portal solution for parking permits, as well as mobile apps used to efficiently manage staff (lone worker protection, reporting, security patrolling etc). Read more about our solutions here.