Data Insights

Our next-generation, GDPR ready data insights solution enables organisations to take a proactive approach to business intelligence and decision making. We use historical and real-time data to offer you the tools for business transformation.

By analysing and interpreting anonymised data streams for our customers, we offer them actionable intelligence that assist them with business decisions, back-office reconciliation and operational management.

The data uncovers trends and patterns to diagnose root problems and enable organisations to make predictions and handle issues in advance. Our intuitive solution enables you to visualise real-time and historic data 24/7 in an easy to use format and every-day language, using different types of dashboards and customisable charts.

Field Performance Insights

In order to improve field worker performance, KPIs need to be measured, which can be difficult without the right tools.

Our Field Performance Insights solution is built specifically with the relevant field service problems in mind. By using this solution, the data collected by field service management apps/workforce management apps is converted into valuable insights that enable improvement.

The solution analyses the data in order to discover the underlying causes of issues in field service performance and suggest areas for refinement.

We comply with all data regulations.

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